SharePoint Customization Solution

SharePoint Customization Services for Workflow, Document Approval hierarchies that Achieve Excellent Communication and Task Management

Our SharePoint application Development team expertise in application design, architecture and development that help automate, consolidate, streamline and integrate your business process.

SharePoint Customization Services

The integral part of Enaviya is to recognize the development of latest technologies and incorporate into our company. This later customized and delivered to the client according to their requirements.

SharePoint includes the content types that can be used to define different sets of data, documents, and processes in the same way. By using content types effectively, you can ensure that whole categories of business documents and processes are handled consistently and efficiently across your organization.

Enaviya endowed with the skills ensures that the site owner can create or customize a content type with the characteristics that need, such as a certain template, specific metadata, and so on. You can customize the following things in the content types such as

  • Columns
  • Workflows
  • Custom Forms
  • Document Template
  • Document Conversions
  • Content Type Publishing
  • Document Information Panel Settings
  • Information Management Policies

By adding a workflow to a content type, you can ensure that all items of that content type are subject to consistent business processes and using workflow we can automate it. If a workflow has been added to a content type, that workflow can be started on individual items of that content type.

If you want to catch some action in SharePoint and want to do something on each action, then you can use event receivers. Synchronous event receivers used to perform some custom action before an event occurs. Asynchronous event receivers are used to perform some custom action after an event occurs