Application Management Services

Accelerating Application Management to Create Competitive Advantage of IT Services

We amplify your application management that automate processes to define of core IT ojectives to help business efficiency and growth.

Application Management Solutions

Buying software is an expensive ordeal. One cannot afford to discard the old one every time a more powerful software is released into the market. But nor can one afford to slack on technology in a time when incapability results in loss of opportunities. Is there a cost effective solution to this problem? Yes, application management.

Application Management Service

Enaviya's application management service enables an organization to manage and optimise software applications. It also involves dealing obsolete technology and legacy software in a fashion where only the bare necessities are fully replaced with newer technologies and the rest of the functionality is merely upgraded to the latest version.

Custom Application Management Solution

Application Management Services

This strategy allows for superior customization of the software product which can effectively meet the requirements and the financial constraints of the client. It also allows the application to evolve with growing business by providing the client with solutions that the business will require immediately, as opposed to preparing the software in anticipation of any distant future requirement.

Enaviya maintains thorough documentation of the application features at every step so that it becomes easy to track changes and narrow down the scope for further feature development. It also maps all business processes to application portfolios for better business-application compatibility. This also helps in situations where rapid action to key change requests is necessary. Enaviya follows two models for this service:

  • Dedicated Application Support
  • On Demand Application Management

Enaviya has unparalleled expertise in Microsoft Technologies, J2EE, Java, Open Source and several other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications.

With Enaviya's application management services, your organization will be able to:

  • Free up your IT staff so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Manage the company capital better by reducing maintenance costs
  • Lower the risks and undertake better risk mitigation strategies
  • Release upgrades in a timely manner
  • Improve knowledge management
  • Optimise the entire software portfolio