Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) Application

One-stop solution to determine and certify safety elements using a configurable, built-in checklist.

Pre-Startup Safety Review identify procedures efficiently, completeness of scenario identification, exclusion of extraneous strategies, comfort of updating and revalidating studies, and ease of meeting regulatory requirements.

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The Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) App is a crucial element of every Process Safety Management program. The PSSR helps ensure the latest or revised process or facility is safe and feasible before the start-up. Effectively conducted Pre-Startup Safety Reviews can prevent employee injuries, incidents, equipment damages, and downtime.

Enaviya's PSSR App helps companies ensure unsafe conditions do not exist before a new or modified process or facility goes into procedure through the use of configurable, built-in checklists, the ability to identify deficiencies and recommendations, and action item tracking to completion.

Key Benefits of Pre-Startup Safety Review:

  • One-stop solution to determine and certify safety elements using a configurable, built-in checklist.
  • Ability to base checklists on one or multiple change types ensuring the correct components are reviewed and validated before start-up.
  • It allows for a team-based approach, providing an appropriate multi-disciplined team of personnel who participates in the PSSR and follow-up actions.

Pre-Startup Safety Review Features

Process Hazard Analysis

A Process Hazard Analysis identifies and evaluates data to provide advice that will support employers and employees in making decisions for enhancing safety and abate the consequences of unwanted releases of unsafe chemicals. PHA aims to determine the implication of scenarios that could result in explosions, fires, chemical spills, or the release of toxic chemicals or fumes.

To improve Process Hazard Analysis, Enaviya adopts a structure that simplifies essential brainstorming, including ease of understanding, scenarios, and application. Along with the ability to identify procedures efficiently, completeness of scenario identification, exclusion of extraneous strategies, comfort of updating and revalidating studies, and ease of meeting regulatory requirements.

Field Verification

As a dedicated, professionally managed Field Verification Company, Enaviya has always provided honest and trustworthy services to authenticate available information helping businesses make up-to-date decisions. We help maximize the power of formal verification in the age of information overload. Enaviya continues to deliver dependable validated intelligence with efficient turnaround times and complete confidentiality, transforming decisions, and mitigating risks.

We are proud to be the masters in delivering timeliness, quality, efficiency, and accuracy. Every project brings in a fresh new challenge and new potentials, and it gives us the confidence to explore with trial and error, bringing out the best results in the process.

Environmental Protection

Businesses are responsible for complying with a range of environmental protection acts to reduce their overall environmental impact. The regulations affect your business depends on the nature of your business. Enterprises should take the lead in coming up with solutions related to environmental issues. It is their responsibility to protect ecological resources.

Some initiatives taken by Enaviya to help businesses regarding environmental protection are:

  • A sincere commitment to cultivating, maintain and develop work culture for environmental protection and pollution prevention.
  • We ensure that all the employees of all the business divisions share the responsibility towards environmental protection.
  • Assessment of pollution control programs in terms of costs and benefits to increase the progress concerning ecological protection.
  • We also arrange workshops, give training material, and share technical information and experience with suppliers and customers.

Mechanical Hazards

Mechanical Hazards often occur at the point of operation or work is performed on the material in industries. This could be cutting, shaping, or forming of stock. Regardless of the type of work, the point of operation of the work must be safeguarded.

It is essential to understand what dangers machines present and what elements are needed to implement effective safeguarding practices.

What we follow at Enaviya:

  • Prevent contact
  • Be secure
  • Create no new hazards
  • Create no interference
  • Allow safe lubrication

Industrial Hygiene

Be it manufacturing or any other, workers in the heavy industry are usually exposed to all manner of safety risks, including chemicals, temperature, radiation, and noise – not to mention hazards emerging from new technologies that are continually changing. With plenty of factors to take into account – from changing demographics to evolving machinery – workplace hygiene has never been more critical. Through monitoring, testing, and analytical methods, Enaviya takes care of every individual's exposure in work practice controls and adopt other ways to prevent or minimize potential health hazards.

With industrial hygiene management systems, we can assist organizations in ways such as:

  • Simplifying tracking and recordkeeping
  • Managing qualitative and quantitative exposures
  • Eliminating or Controlling Hazards

Fire & Explosion Protection

Enaviya specializes in complete fire & explosion protection solutions to remission and prevents fire hazards and explosions. Over the last few years in the industry, we have become one of the leading fire & explosion protection design providers.

Safety and continuity of processes are of significant value to every company. The dry bulk materials, production, powders, and handling methods commonly used put factories, equipment, process, and employees at high risk. We follow the proper strategy for fire & explosion protection, which is unique for each situation, process, and organization.

Enaviya's team of professionals has years of industry experience that guarantees you the most effective and efficient system based upon your unique business needs.

Procedure Training

The Procedure Training by Enaviya is tailored according to your company's needs and will be considered a starting point for setting up all your employment policies. It also refers to the organization's learning and development programs and activities.

What Enaviya mean by Procedure Training?

  • Formal training sessions (be it individual or corporate)
  • Employee Coaching and Mentoring
  • Participating in conferences
  • On-the-job training
  • Job rotation

The overall purpose of procedure training is to meet the operational standards and improve employee engagement and performance levels.

Pre-Startup Safety Review - A Critical Step

PSSR is a preventive action or action taken to avoid a potentially harmful outcome down the road. But eventually, this turns into continuous improvement. The change will always be there, and that change must be continuously monitored to ensure safety and efficacy.

This is where a PSSR is a vital part of MOC (management of change), which will include cross-functional reviews and approvals. If you may ask, what is the goal here? It uses the information at hand to increase product quality, reduce costs, and increase production efficiency.

Our vision and mission at Enaviya have always been clear to help businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety information.