Safety Management System

Effective Safety Management Software Identify Hazards and Proactive Approach to Managing Environment, Health and Safety Risks.

Safety management software system is user-friendly and mobile-enabled applications provide safety culture and stress free work environment for the employee and contractor personnel.

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Safety Management Software Services

Safety Management system enabled our customers with multiple benefits such efficiently manage risk and regulatory compliance that drives safety performance and incident tracking that ensuring every employees/workers is safe on the job

Safety Managment Software

Industry type:Oil, Gas and Mining


Scope of Safety Management System

Enaviya Safety management Software is user-friendly and mobile-enabled applications provide safety culture and free work environment for the employee and contractor personnel.

Authorized user need to maintain timings for the activities performed. Action plan must ensure the safety of employee and would then follow the approval matrix. Unit head has the option to change/add such as team member, time lines to the action plan and approved plan triggered Email/SMS to the responsible person and CC to Chairman/Administrator.

After Approval from Unit Head, Unique number to be generated and it should be considered as registered (active plan). If the responsible person does not submit the progress report before the completion date, automated reminder email/SMS to him with a CC to Unit head/Chairman/Administrator.

Each active plan (road map) has option to submit the recommendation form by team leader/member will go to unit head for approval. In case of rejection/edit, he/she must provide some comment to justify the same.

Safety Management Software Provide to do the following business operation:

  • Preparation & Planning
  • Team Members Management & Identification
  • Field visit Team
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Process/Evaluation
  • Project Status Update
  • Upload Report

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safety Management System?

Safety Management system creates a safety partnership between workforce and management that includes a systemic approach to managing safety, accountabilities, policies and follow necessary procedure in organization.

Why do need safety system in an organization?

It is a duty and moral responsibility of the company to promotes wellness of employees. All the company make sure that safe and protected atmosphere through take appropriate precautions while using machinery, easily update supervisor about the unsafe condition, wear right safety equipment, set alert at emergency and so on. Also safety management system helps to organization improving productivity and quality of products.

Is Safety software is effective?

Our safety management software is well designed based on research has reduce incidents by 50% and more per annum.

What will make Safety system successful?

Well-design safety management system prioritize employees health and safety in a strategic way that reduce the risk of workplace incident and injuries, empowered and motivate employees for consistent growth and performance.

What's involved in Safety management system?

Safety management system typically follows a simple management model based on 'Plan-Do-Act-Check' cycle. A reduction in incidents is require to develop the strategy to deliver, identify the issues causing or concern, develop checklists, education and training, Assess current progress, feedback and improvement.

How are Management involved in Safety system?

Management improving safety performance and providing the necessary resources/policy for the safety process, accountable for safety checklist, responsible for the day-to-day safety management process and Analysis on summary reports of progress statistics.

Is it possible to develop our own safety process?

Yes, you can set your own safety process and policy.