Logistics Management Software Development

Of all the suppliers we work with at Sahara, Enaviya is consistently the easiest and friendliest team to work with, both onshore and offshore. - Group Head IT, Sahara India

Logistics Industry ERP/Management Software Solutions

Logistics is an integrally unavoidable part of all B2B and B2C organizations. Maintaining inventories and warehousing, handling transportation, material and security, and ensuring timely delivery all add up to be one gruelling process. Complications can arise out of any segment of logistics. We, at Enaviya believe in uncomplicating the complications.

We understand that in a world of stringent competition, it is just not sufficient to deliver goods to the clients; it is equally important to establish trust and add value to the business relationship. Enaviya brings its global experience and industrial expertise to the table to ensure you have an edge over your competition. Whether it be inventory management, application knowledge management or better visibility in the transportation division, we help you approach logistics in an austere fashion

Enaviya assists you in transforming your business by breaking down the logistics division into simpler, smaller, more accessible packages. We deploy domain resources, we develop and program accelerators to speed-up business commitment, and improve visibility of the business. Our primary focus is on innovation- we develop solutions which can help enhance mobility, optimise assets and reduce costs all the while focusing on improving operational efficiency of the organization..