Vendor Risk Management System

Centralized Contract/Vendor Management software that increased efficiency, Quality, Cost Savings and Minimise Risk.

Integrated web-based requisition management system to automated manage the entire procure-to-pay process of purchase requisition

Vendor Risk Management Software

A vendor is as important to the company as his client. Without him, the demand and supply gap would never have been bridged. A good vendor is practically an asset to your company. If the relationship between you and the vendor is positively strong, then the vendors do go out of their way to ensure you get the best that money can buy. But some of them just fail to deliver. One can only hope that your company does not deal with such vendors. You can't get lucky all the time. It also saves you a great deal of stress to know that you are doing business with a reliable vendor.

Vendor Management Solutions

EnavPurchase ensures that you only get in touch with reliable vendors. It connects you to one of the largest trading communities where you can view, monitor and assess the profile and performance of the vendors. That way, you can mitigate risks and choose a vendor that best satisfies your requirements and your company policies.

Vendor Management Features

  • Have access to all vendor information in one place
  • Gain full clarity into supplier information and rightly assess risks
  • View fully updated profiles of the vendors
  • Improve vendor selection and performance
  • Increase savings
  • Ensure contract compliance

Why EnavPurchase's Vendor Management?

  • You can build a centralised and approved repository of all vendors
  • Improved risk management facilities
  • Get regular status updates from the community
  • You can implement a standard supply management structure to ensure smooth operation
  • Promote healthy vendor competition

Contract Management Software

Contracts bring a certain assurance that your business will proceed without a hitch. They are the building block of any business relationship. But maintaining and managing them is a nightmare. Ask us, we know. With a well managed contract system, you will be able to have better vendor-supplier relationships, reduce risks, and bank on all opportunities.

EnavPurchase's Contract Management feature is equipped with the ability to store, manage and retrieve contracts and purchase agreements with all the purchasers. You can standardise the whole process so your company's contract management team saves time and works more efficiently. It also pulls out all the existing contracts based on the product and supplier chosen.

Contract Management Features

  • Gain unmatched contract visibility
  • Track contracts and commitment with ease
  • Mitigate risks and unearth opportunities for saving
  • Hasten contract closure time

Why EnavPurchase's Contract Management?

  • It is integrated and secure
  • It is flexible and scalable
  • It maximises profit
  • It is fitted with a user friendly interface that optimises contract management
  • It automatically tracks an invoice matches it against the contract terms It automatically alerts the user when a contract
  • Approaches expiration letting you generate a new contract well ahead of time to ensure smooth procession of services and supply