"The Enaviya AX team did a great job managing and executing the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Implementation."
Managing Director Norsk Synergi AS Norway

Quality Management System Enaviya

Quality Management System Enaviya

Enaviya's unique delivery systems are a combination of customized, need-based onshore and offshore models, delivering value that has earned us a 100% growth every year since our inception. This enviable rate of growth has been possible only because of the equal importance that we deem on our two cardinal resources, our people and our infrastructure.

When they are seamlessly integrated with the processes, the result is a consistent output of high quality across all levels. The Enaviya Quality Management System operates around customer delight as its core driving principle, and ensures conforming to the global standards in every project lifecycle. The EQMS also guarantees the continuing sustenance of our models in Services, Products, Industries and Technologies in national and international locations. This has also ensured that 80% of our valued clients have since insisted on keeping their business relationships on a Most Preferred Partnership with us.

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