Requisition Management Software

Minimizes complexity of Purchasing Products through Requisition System from Various Suppliers

Automated eProcurement management System facilitates smoother and faster purchasing process with cost effectively transaction

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Requisition/Purchase Management System

Requisitions pour in from all corners of your company. Every department has its requirements and it is your responsibility to meet them if you want a satisfactory run. Just keeping track of and approving requisitions can turn into a full time occupation. What you need is an electronic secretary who can classify the requisitions for you so that all you have to do is glance at them and approve the requisitions based on priority.

EnavPurchase "a eprocurement system" provides you with that secretary. It facilitates automatic collection, sanction and execution of requisitions. It enables you to check inventory stocks and then either approve, put on hold or reject the requisition with equal ease. It has an easy to use web based interface that makes placing and approving requisitions insignificant tasks.

Purchase Requisition software Features:

  • Enable multiple-level reporting depending on the cost of the requisition
  • Promote paperless environment by transmitting all requisitions online
  • Save time and reduce spending by ordering only what is necessary
  • Consolidate multiple requisitions for the same product to one order
  • View all of your company requisitions in one screen

Why EnavPurchase's Requisition system?

  • It provides an inventory control system that enables real time requisition application
  • You can send out requests for quotes and bids on the products to ensure maximum gain
  • Easy summary viewing of approved requests
  • Provides accountability and secure request platform
  • E-Notification on the issue of goods