Travel Expense Monitoring/Tracking System

Best Automated Business Travel and Expense Monitoring System

Integrated travel & expense management system to streamline and automate the submission and approval of travel multiple expenses

Expense Analytics/Reporting System

What good can organise do without monitoring and analytics? EnavExpense provides you with best-in class analytics with premium algorithms so that you know exactly what is happening to your travel budget.

Features of Expenses Monitoring System

Smart Analytics

It's as easy as fruit growing on trees! Enaviya EnavExpense analyses your travel expenditure with common and advanced analytic algorithms. Seamless archiving of records as well as custom analytics generated by EnavExpense will give you all the necessary details necessary to ease up or curb your company's travel budget. Enforce your company's travel policy, calculate VAT margins, spot leaks in cash outflow and monitor your travel expenditure effortlessly with EnavExpense analytics.

  • Graphical Analytics
  • Monitor Travel Expenditure
  • Premium Algorithms
  • Budget Modification Suggestions
  • Easily Enforce Travel Policies

Expense Auditing

Auditing is necessary and always will be. EnavExpense simplifies the process of validating and checking receipts. This is a major cost-cutting factor! Find the loop holes of your present expense management system and plug them up with EnavExpense expense auditing. EnavExpense can audit your travel expenses and provide custom analytics based on policy, its adaptable, it's versatile.

  • Item wise Receipt Validation
  • Redundancy Check
  • Adaptable to Company Policy
  • Analyse Cash Outflow
  • Discover Expense Loopholes

Expense Management System [EnavExpense] is a solution to streamline and automate the submission and approval of multiple expenses and expense types. Expenses include travel, lodging, car rentals, meals and so on.Travel & Expense Management System [Enavtravel] focuses on restructuring company's travel expense to cut losses and maximise profits.