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Microsoft SharePoint Custom Solutions

SharePoint custom Services

Among technologies, SharePoint custom software is typically required by all organizations as a collaborative platform that helps in synchronized sharing of information via employees' PCs.

With a perfect blend of technology and process, we aim to deliver best business solutions. The wide portal of SharePoint is configured to integrate, collect, administer, and distribute the information efficiently giving you higher productivity and intelligent outputs.

SharePoint Development Focus Areas

Our SharePoint custom software services you can get the best of both worlds - speed and productivity for your users with flexibility and control through modernize & improving speed, scale, and enabling user experience.

User Experiences

  • Mobile Experiences
  • Personalized Insights
  • People-centric file storage and Collaboration

Cloud-Inspired Infrastructure

  • performance and Reliability
  • Hybrid Cloud with Global Reach
  • Support and Monitoring

Compliance and Reporting

  • Data Security
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Trusted Platform

SharePoint Software Development Services

SharePoint Expertise in Software Development

  • SharePoint 2010/13/16
  • SharePoint Online ( Office 365)
  • SharePoint Application
  • Power BI on SharePoint
  • Window Azure
  • One Drive

Why SharePoint Software Services with Us?

SharePoint Software Services
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Global provider of custom SharePoint solutions or even upgrading SharePoint application to the latest version.
  • Thinking of every SharePoint aspect such as Usability, Performance, and Security.
  • Innovative in providing unique SharePoint business solutions
  • We possess a dedicated and experience SharePoint team to assist you in every stage of the implementation process. SharePoint software services provide excellent delivery in executing various SharePoint projects of different sizes.
  • We, at Enaviya, provide an advanced strategy that addresses all factors related to the SharePoint.
  • We ensure that our commitment in offering SharePoint solutions help the businesses to derive maximum benefits and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the SharePoint plans in Office 365 same as SharePoint Standard and Enterprise?

No, each plan has features and limitations specific to it. Users choose the plan which can make a difference in their company according to their business requirements.

Can I assign unique permission to each user in SharePoint?

Yes, you can set permission levels for each user, or even set specific permissions for a specific file or directory that will allow you to add security at different levels. Some rules may also be set where the user has to check out documents if they want to edit them.

Does SharePoint secure the data that is sent over the internet?

Yes, as it is part of Microsoft Office 365, it provides the same security environment, including network security, security of access and security of the physical data. Encryption keys are used to encrypt the files.

Is it worth the Software Development in SharePoint?

Using SharePoint, you'll be able to allow Microsoft to track and even store the data over the internet and provide secure access. Since you don't have to plan and build your own IT infrastructure, it's cost-effective. Since SharePoint makes it easy for management to access critical data and keep them fully informed, they can make strategic decisions that help business development.

Which is better for SharePoint – Office 365 or on-premise?

The main difference between an on-site version of Microsoft Office and Office 365 is that you rent Office 365 but buy the on-site edition. Office 365 is delivered as service software, and does not require a large front-end investment. You pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for Office 365, which entitles you to periodic updates to the edition and Office on Request.

So what are our top reasons to move to Office 365?

  • Do not invest in continuous update cycles and automatic updates in IT hardware or software Have access to automatic backups and geo-replicated disaster recovery.
  • Mobilize the employees for company quickly with Skype and sync offline for office applications.
  • And use Microsoft's latest software and never again have to do an upgrade or migration project!