SharePoint Application Integration Solution

We creating a barrier-free Sharepoint Integration & collaboration environment where employees can work dynamically and painlessly.

Working with SharePoint for over 14 years, we know that the platform can increase the capabilities of SharePoint by integrating them.

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SharePoint Integration Services

In order to build a unified platform for an enterprise, SharePoint needs to be integrated with various business applications to ensure a uniform user experience at the front end.

Many companies are now turning towards SharePoint Integration Services to provide enterprise-wide access to documents, spreadsheets, forms, and other types of data gathering and business intelligence.

The fact that SharePoint is built on top of the popular ASP.NET framework is that it is extremely customizable and allows vendors to create products that can accommodate any type of business needs.

Enaviya's competency is to enable and ensure that the enterprise packages like CRMs and ERPs can provide information that is accessed through SharePoint as well as accept data from SharePoint applications to provide a seamless user experience for the enterprise user and visibility across all divisions.

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration Services can help our client by improving the productivity of the organization by enabling its employees to focus more on their current business activities which demand their attention and eliminate the need to switch between applications for various data.

Our proficiency assures to provide seamless, customized services for our customers to derive maximum benefits and business value.

SharePoint Integration Services & Solutions

Custom SharePoint Development & Integration

Enaviya provides a platform for numerous tools and third party products for creating connectivity between Microsoft SharePoint and the rest of the enterprise.

Customize Infopath Integration

We customize a list with a design environment for a designing and publishing form via commonly used Windows controls

SharePoint ERP Integration

We offers these services by embracing the changes that the businesses are increasingly adopting SharePoint as a front end application as it impeccably integrates with their existing line-of-business applications or other third party systems.

Dynamics CRM Integration

We enables you to store and manage documents on SharePoint in the perspective of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record

Project Server Integration

Microsoft SharePoint Server, bringing together powerful business collaboration platform services with prearranged execution competencies to provide flexible work management solutions.

Exchange Server Integration & Synchronization

We offers greater security than mail or fax communications. It acts as a platform for companies to secure customer and confidential data and offers archiving, retention, and customer leakage protection features, in order to achieve and maintain compliance with government and industry regulations.