Embedded Software Development

Leading Embedded designing & Development Services

Our embedded system software development services will be implemented with latest technology feature, eco friendly (Design model) and are par excellence as per the market standards.

Embedded Software Development Services

The world has shrunk and is now driven by technology which has embedded systems at their core. They can be seen in watches, Mp3 players and even in a nuclear power plant. Embedded systems are designed to handle a specific part of a technology. It is this feature that allows developers to tweak and optimise the product's performance with minimum risks and cost-effectiveness.

Embedded systems are so adaptable that can be implemented with any new feature, technology and even an improved design model very easily .For years, embedded systems have shown their versatility in developing electronic equipments which are eco friendly and are par excellence as per the market standards.

With a rapidly shrinking world and faster technologies at our disposal, the demand of smarter and faster solutions is rising. The solutions need to be able to deliver innovative and reliable services to the end users in a cost efficient manner. Enaviya's team of embedded system experts and developers specialize in creating new technologies and supporting the existing ones.

Highlights of Embedded Software Development

  • Builds better and faster interfaces ensuring increased usability.
  • Expertise in developing high quality solutions in short development cycles, giving the clients the best return of investment.
  • Assists client in developing reusable plan to reduce the project expenditure.

Enaviya believes in providing innovative, flexible and cost effective technological solutions to the customers as per the changing business landscape. Enaviya's skilled embedded systems team delivers models which add value to the customer's portfolio helping them strike a balance between efficiency and innovation.

Resources: Enaviya offers its embedded system bases services through seven practices

  • Firmware development
  • Protocol handler and stack implementation
  • Development of tools and utilities, soft emulators, system simulators and configurators
  • Applications for mobile and hand-held devices
  • Security solutions using biometrics and smart cards
  • Verification and validation services -- test automation, device testing and compatibility testing
  • Product maintenance

Firmware and Protocol Implementation: Enaviya offers core logic services in areas like in semiconductor manufacture, valves and switchgear among others. These services provide low cost end to end services including PCI, PC104, VME, Multibus and other backplane systems.

Enaviya's expertise in networking and telecom domains enables it to develop extensive software and protocol stacks based on LAN, WAN and also in embedded applications for specific platforms.

Utilities development and diagnostics: We develops a range of devices and drivers for different platforms like UNIX, Linux/Lineo and Windows. They also build flawless, high performance interfaces like firewire, printer drivers and Bluetooth. Enaviya also offers services in diagnostic tools like control systems which caters to customers across the globe.

Mobile/Hand-Held Devices: Enaviya's versatility extends to developing application for mobile and other hand held devices. they have years of experience in providing solutions in GSM, CDMA, GPRS, IEEE 802.11-based systems, 3G and Bluetooth to the mobile industry.

Security Solutions: Enaviya's non intrusive biometric security solutions help businesses meet their authentication and business security needs. Software products include Fingerprint Time & Attendance, Fingerprint Access Control systems, USB Fingerprint Scanners, Embedded Fingerprint reader Modules which can be used separately or together to ensure a safe and secure business environment.

Verification and Validation Services: Our services in device testing and compatibility testing help businesses provide superior quality Web-interface for the automotive, consumer durables and entertainment sectors. The networks management services equipped with GUI application offers premium support to various network functionalities like configuration management, fault management, network monitoring.

Product Maintenance: Even the most sophisticated systems need tweaking once in a while. Enaviya helps its clients with support and maintenance services on their existing models.This enables the enterprises to mitigate the risks and costs and also helps them focus on emerging versions of their models.