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Our Sales CRM software offers the top features that help your business build and manage customer relationships.

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Boost your business growth and maximize ROI by automating sales and service, with Enaviya, your ideal CRM partner. With feature-rich CRM applications with seamless integration, every business, be it small or medium, can control, access, and manage operations with expansive features.

Sales CRM software Key Features

Check out the best features of CRM to organize your sales and customer data and how they benefit your business.

Lead Capture

The Lead Capture and CRM let you keep detailed to-do lists for every customer, i.e., through email, website form, call records, or even manual entry. Our Lead Capture system allows you to capture leads by enabling sales and marketing teams to find new opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors.

Lead Distribution

It's time to reduce response time by improving the prospect experience with Lead Distribution. It analyzes leads as they come through and categorizes them. Businesses can easily automate several sales processes that include email marketing, online advertising, status change, lead management, workflows, etc.

Sales Tracking

Automate your Sales Tracking by streamlining operations and track al sales metrics to convert more and faster. The sales tracking strategy helps set goals, provides sales support, updates the sales strategy, and monitors results to achieve forecasted sales targets.

Sales Automation

Enaviya helps optimize the business sales process with a sales automation system that works seamlessly with everyday operations. We will help you organize your account data and sales information into one user-friendly platform to assign leads and manage salespeople to monitor the work.

Follow-ups and Tasks

The follow-ups and tasks manage all the contact centers' interactions with customers and store all your customer details, case, and follow-up data. This eliminates the hassle of manual entry while follow-up such as appointments, tasks completed, and phone calls get created and automatically added to your team's schedules.

Process Management

We need to accelerate business cycles as they move at the speed of light. Enaviya's Process Management provides an opportunity for businesses to maximize their value and capitalize on efficiency. Also, it allows companies to track and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify strengths and areas of opportunity.

Smart Reporting

With customizable smart reporting, businesses can visualize data in real-time, keep track of insights, and increase performance. Now manage your sales on the go while accessing important records and managing the same. Make use of smart reporting to slice, dice, and view the data most conveniently.

Performance Management

Sales Performance Management is all about numbers in the world of sales. The sales team needs to chase more deals to convert into leads. Our sales tracking tool helps the team accurately monitor, understand, and make changes to sales processes based on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Proposal Management

Are you looking to close more deals? Time to automate your sales pipeline management with the Proposal creation process. Our Proposal Management software gives businesses the flexibility to design their proposal, to generate more leads in the sales funnel, which helps existing salespeople increase efficiency and productivity.

Contact Management

Enaviya offers a 360-degree view of all your potential customers under one platform with our sales Contact Management software. It is basically an online database of all your business contacts and their names, emails, phone numbers, etc. Keep track of every interaction you've had with contacts, and use the data to close more deals.

We provide the best-automated Sales CRM Software for your business growth. Our Sales CRM software offers the top features that help your business build and manage customer relationships. It wil also help in better client experiences, increase sales, and streamline processes.

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