Enterprise Risk Management [ERM] Software

"If you don't actively attack the risks, the risks will actively attack you."

Enterprise Risk Management Software that would identify the risks at an initial stage and develops an appropriate counter measures.

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Risk Management System

Risk Management Software holds the key strategies to a systematic process for identifying, analysing and controlling the risks before they occur. Enaviya benefits the customers with delivery of Risk Management Software that would identify the risks at an initial stage and develops an appropriate counter measures. Instead of making the risk grow and then correcting the problems by wasting time and spending lots of money, installing Risk management is less expensive and acts as a precaution.

Enterprise Risk Management Software Solutions Framework

  • Risk Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Quantification and Aggregation
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting
  • Risk and Control Optimization

Risk Management software solution enables the customers in handling the risks proactively than correcting the problems aftermath. Our software covers the areas of the risks occurred in the fields of business and information security. The software solution monitors the risk on the basis of risk appetite and level of tolerance.

Risk Management System Benefits

  • Risk management tool mainly helps in simplifying the harmful risks before its occurrence.
  • This software detects the upcoming the trouble and lets you see when and where the attention is required.
  • The application not only identifies trouble spots on time but also communicates with respected people on time.
  • Risk management includes cost planning and eventual budgets accurately estimated also to rely less on guesswork calculations.
  • Risk management tool helps in diagnosing the critical situation by rating the risk and plan the solution eventually.
  • As risk management improves the outcome without any surprises, it keeps the customer happier so there is guaranteed business growth.

Enterprise Risk Management Software (ERM)

  • Build a complete risk register for each major function, assess the likelihood and severity of the risks and monitor key risks.
  • Build a risk mitigation plan and an action plan to manage risks.
  • Comprehensive risk reporting enables effective risk management.
  • Workflow, escalation and email reminder mechanism ensures fully automated environment.

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