EHS Management Software System

Effective EHS management solutions that define roles and duties to evaluate and improve enterprise environment, health and safety strategy.

Our EHS system is primarily used by businesses to maintain regulatory compliance by monitoring environmental performance metrics, tracking inventory of dangerous materials, and performing inspections.

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Enaviya presents a complete and flexible EHS Management Software to manage your end-to-end safety compliance requirements.

So what exactly EHS software does?

EHS Management Software is nothing but a data management system for capturing, gathering, and analyzing information related to employee health and safety, waste management, and feasibility.

Our EHS system is primarily used by businesses to maintain regulatory compliance by monitoring environmental performance metrics, tracking inventory of dangerous materials, and performing inspections. If you're looking to put your organizational EHS efforts in-step, providing visibility, insight, and guidance, Enaviya's EHS Software compliance-based solutions help where and when required.

The safety compliance software understands your organization tasks, and we have the perfect solution for everyone with tailor-made occupational health and safety management.

EHS software Key Features

Let us understand how each module listed below will help organizations achieve a safer and more fulfilling workplace.

Incident Management

The Incident tracking software will simplify and automate incident management at your workplace.

Enaviya's incident tracking software streamlines the incident tracking process and is built to deliver flexible automation to simplify service request progression. The software helps reduce the time and effort spent on managing incidents. Also, it makes the process more systematic, dynamic, and effective than it would otherwise be.

The importance of incident management software helps make sure businesses address every issue end-users are experiencing promptly. It means organizations can help reduce the risk of violating SLAs and ensure it leads to happy end-users.

Safety Audits & Inspections

Safety audits & inspection software are essential tools to ensure and help professionals identify and control risks and comply with legal and other requirements.

With this software, performing audits, inspecting, and keeping track of assessments becomes effortless. Enaviya's safety audits & inspection software allow you to ensure company-wide complaisance with all the regulatory and other requirements that save time and effort.

We design simple software solutions that are easy to use, engaging, and help businesses reach goals faster.

Root Cause Analysis

The Root cause analysis software addresses root causes, reducing risks by analyzing incidents that occur. It simplifies the cause analysis process by tracking and recording every experience in a single web-based location where concerned department staff can easily report and share it.

At Enaviya, we identify and eliminate the root causes and implement the necessary corrective actions to mitigate risk. The software is designed with the end-user in mind. It improves performance by analyzing and fixing the root causes determined in incidents to prevent significant hazards, quality issues, device failures, and environmental damage.

Environmental Management

With Enaviya's streamlined Environmental management software, you can effectively manage environmental performance metrics by proactively planning and operating tasks. With a team backed with years of experience, we have designed and developed a perfect environmental management solution by joining hands with the best ecological experts.

It is time to adapt and standardize your environmental processes. Leverage our environmental management solutions for sustainability reporting and track progress by eliminating communication silos.

We help you minimize environmental impact to meet organizational goals and expectations by reducing cost by driving down energy usage and reducing waste.

Occupational Health

Every organization worldwide has to follow a holistic approach for a happier, productive, and healthier work environment. Suppose your business is looking for a competent solution for scaffolding operations. In that case, Enaviya's tailor-made occupational health management software is your go-to solution developed, keeping organization safety guidelines in mind.

The advantage of choosing us over our competitors is our experienced team, who quickly understands your requirements with minimal consultation. The customized solutions help companies streamline the management of employee medical information while reducing paperwork time.

Enaviya aims to make the entire process hassle-free to capture, track, and manage employee health records in one place and help businesses operate more productively.

Safety Risk Assessment

The Safety Risk Assessment is all about managing EHS risk throughout the organization. And that's when SRA software comes into the picture, as it helps control health and safety threats in the workplace.

Enaviya supports your organization in the overall process of determining, enabling, and mitigating risks in an interactive and transparent process. The software provides the tools to carry out thorough risk assessments and manage the review process.

With SRA software, you can reduce the burden for people in operational roles. The software replaces inefficient paper processes where possible to enable performance improvement and make everyone more productive.

Contractor Management

Are you looking for ways to manage all your current contracts securely? Enaviya is your go-to partner who provides the foundation for Contract Management - it ensures contractor safety performance for improved regulatory compliance.

The contract management system is easy and convenient, which can be accessed at any time and anywhere. With desktop, tablet, or laptop, contractors can quickly overview all the secured contracts. The organizations can now easily track all contractor information in one centralized location.

Enaviya's contract management system is easy to manage and monitor during the contract life cycle and will be able to cut down on risks and costs.

Corrective & Preventive Action Tracking (CAPA)

There is various corrective & preventive action tracking systems available in the market designed and developed to meet the organization's needs. CAPA software by Enaviya investigates and solves critical issues, identifies causes, takes action, and prevents recurrence of the root causes.

It also helps organizations document every issue, initiate constraints, and develop a convenient response plan to ensure you meet customer requirements to prevent future defects.

The entire lifecycle, from initiation to investigation to closure, is simplified. Enaviya provides companies the right tools to make CAPA processes more efficient, making it easier to establish compliance and maintain it with time.

Quality Management

To maintain quality data, reduce expenditure, assure compliance, and monitor all aspects of your operations without any hassle, Quality Management Software is necessary. With Quality Management software, organizations gain concise visibility into business processes to automatically reduce the cost.

The benefit of QMS is that the products developed will be more consistent, efficient production, integrate more easily into your set programs & processes, and your customers will be satisfied.

Our quality management system and our dedicated team of qualified professionals provide you with the right knowledge, support, and technology to help organizations achieve quality excellence.

The Business Benefits of using EHS Management Software

The primary benefit of EHS is preventing incidents like injuries, illnesses, and harmful environmental releases. The Corporate EHS Management software is responsible for managing and governing the risk and compliance of operating companies and assets.

Enaviya, have your back. We take the time to listen, understand, and give expert and best-practice approaches to solving your EHS challenges. Our process offers a clear set of objectives that deliver value and empower organizations to be a more effective EHS leader.

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