Strategic Sourcing Software

Boost your Business Sourcing Performance through Identify, Evaluate and Qualify Suppliers Services/Materials.

The reason we looked at using the domain experience. It's not just technical talent that is going to make offshore product development work. It's really about bringing in people who can understand a specific domain - IT Manager, Volvo India

Strategic Sourcing System

An organization can save money in many different ways. Most companies either overlook or underestimate saving strategies when it comes to purchase and sourcing. By exploring these possibilities, you stand a chance to improve your company's bottom line. Having the right connections, tools, experts and information can make a world of difference in terms of savings. These are something only a reliable source can provide. EnavPurchase's Strategic Sourcing is one of them.

EnavPurchase's Strategic Sourcing allows for the user to discover fast and efficient suppliers in no time. Choosing the right suppliers is after all the first step to in-time delivery. It essentially sets you up with one of the largest and fastest growing trading communities. It lets you create and post your RFX,RFP,RFI and gives you complete control over bidding and auction options.

Strategic Sourcing features

  • Reduce risks and implement compliance
  • Significantly increase saving
  • Identify new and reliable suppliers
  • Gain sourcing expertise
  • Improve productivity

Why EnavPurchase's Strategic Sourcing?

  • SaaS based software to provide easy scalability and faster realisation
  • The ability to analyze supplier information
  • Permits inquiry on purchase order history by supplier and product
  • Develops a preferred supplier lists, by supplier items/products
  • Capable of storing supplier contact information - address, email, contact person, Fax, Phone etc.

RFQ/Purchase order Management (generation, handling, monitoring)

Purchase of goods is an everyday affair in a company. Whether is it stationary or raw materials for manufacturing purposes, every product has to have a purchase order. But generating, handling and monitoring the fulfilment the PO of hundreds of products everyday is not only time consuming, it is also mind- numbing. This task is made easy with EnavPurchase's PO Management feature.

EnavPurchase helps you streamline and digitise your purchase orders; this makes it easy to keep track of them. By digitizing the whole purchase cycle, you can create your purchase order online, monitor the fulfilment of the order through online association with your suppliers. You save time and resources when you use EnavPurchase. You can also request for quote from different suppliers to maximize your margin. You can also print or store receipts when the order is delivered. Tedious paperwork never was this easy!

PO/RFQ Procurement Management features

  • Place and receive orders faster than ever
  • Maximize gains by getting the best deal Completely eliminate human- prone errors- no more
  • misplaced or lost-somewhere-on-my-desk PO's and RFQ forms
  • Easily analyse and integrate the same into reports
  • Easy retrieval of past purchase order records from one single data dump

Why EnavPurchase RFQ/Purchase Order Management ?

  • Provides the ability to report on open POs
  • Provides the ability to connect more than one PO together based on the supplier
  • Smart communication with the suppliers
  • Easy editing, cancelling and updating facility
  • Allows complete visibility of POs and RFQs