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Business software consulting services which will help organisations achieve operational excellence.

Business Consulting Services & Solutions

Today, businesses need to develop at an accelerated rate while also being efficient all the way. Companies constantly strive for excellence. They are always looking for potential growth space and ways to maximise their productivity. They look for thought leaders and problem solvers, people who never stray from the sight of the big picture. A good business consultant will have all these attributes and more. A good business consultant helps these companies think ahead.

Enaviya offers business and software consulting services which will help organisations achieve operational excellence. We work tirelessly so that your organisation can develop faster and work smarter. We support you in every step of the way so that you can be effective, innovative and cost-effective all the while accomplishing your goals.

Why Software Consulting with Us?

Software Consulting Services

Companies frequently need cutting edge technologies which should not only be innovative but should also be productive enough to give profitable results in this competitive landscape. We provide you with winning strategies by utilizing the various attributes which would support you the long run. We raise your net worth by providing you with strong business and technological strategies.

With Enaviya's Business Consulting services and solutions, you get the advantage of flexibility in terms of solution delivery and the cost effectiveness. You can be assured that risk management and business transformation will be the part of your day-to- day business. We plan for you so that you are free to think big.

Enaviya Software and Business Consulting wing provides its services through nine practices:

  • Business Transformation
  • Process Excellence
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Government Consulting
  • Finance and Accounting

Business Transformation

Understanding and anticipating unexpected changes in market demands leads to commercial growth in businesses. Strategies and revolutionary transformation methods which will help them grow smoothly with a competitive edge is the need of the hour.

At Enaviya, we offer you strategic management models which will help you understand the market trends, the stakeholders and the customers with a clear vision. We provide principles and theories which will initiate changes in your current business landscape for maximum productivity and profitability.

Our business transformation solutions are simple, flexible and transparent. You can be assured that with our tools and expertise by your side, you will enjoy a business scenario which is measurable, profitable and sustainable.

Process Excellence

Process excellence is the sign which tells you which way your business is headed. It determines how effective your business transformation is and how well can you survive the cut-throat competition.

Enaviya's Process Excellence practices help you improve the operational processes via a full range of services for different industries. Our services aim to transform your business dynamics so expertly that you can be assured that your business will stays ahead of the curve with increased efficiency, improved security and optimized earnings.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Global business is a fast paced, ever changing world. This means that you have to constantly improve your business in terms of networking, business profitability and client satisfaction. In order to fare well in the competition , you need strong business architecture. This provides you with advanced capitalising opportunities with minimum risks.

Enaviya offers scalable and flexible enterprise architecture consulting services which helps you to adapt to the market needs effectively. Our practices help you develop your business uninterruptedly while maintaining quality standards. Our expertise and tools ensures that your business moves forward speedily and continues to be a success story.

Customer Relationship Management

Customers are always the epicentre for any successful business. They are the reasons behind the organisation's ever -changing trends. Now that the digital era has arrives, it has become a challenge to engage customers for a long time.

Enaviya's CRM helps you to identify profitable opportunities with your best customers and aims to improve customer satisfaction and maximising your assets. We also help you transform your strategies as per your customer's needs so that you get optimal returns.

Supply Chain Management

In hard financial times, you need to look for inventive cost cutting strategies without cutting corners. You will need an effective management system which would optimise your supply chain network without compromising on the value. Supply chain has a huge role to play in achieving the objectives of the firm; hence, it can't be ignored.

Enavya Supply Chain Management services offer solutions to improve efficiency and productivity of your business. Supply chains have a pivotal role in achieving the objectives of the firm. Enaviya's services reduce the costs involved and also ensure the quality service for the customer

Human Capital Management

Human capital management is one of the pivotal cog wheels of the organisation. This helps you understand the workforce from every aspect so that you can proactively manage them. Human capital management provides strategies and theories based on the workforce's strength and weaknesses so that you get the best out of your talented lot, increase your efficiency and be cost effective at the same time.

Enaviya offers you a holistic view of your manpower so that you can manage your most important asset your people efficiently. Our services will ensure that your productivity increases with minimum risks. These services also help you to anticipate the future needs as well so that you are always one step ahead.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

The main aim of the GRC is to drive consistency, efficiency and productivity in the organisation. The various roles of the GRC include monitoring the workflow, streamlining the client's requirements and demands, time tracking for effective time management to name a few. All these analytical tools help you maintain a balance between risks and opportunities.

Enaviya's expert Governance, Risk and Compliance services with state of the art reporting and real-time analysis capabilities, security designs and various risk management models ensure that no matter what the market situation is, your organisation continues to work like a well oiled machine and makes the positive impact it strives to offer to the market.

Government Consulting

Enaviya's consulting group has insightful knowledge and industry experience which help the government face the challenges of the current market confidently. The government always has to answer to its citizens. They need services which can cater to the demands of these citizens. We are well equipped with solutions which help the government form a clear understanding of the demands so that they can deliver effectively.

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