Procurement Management Software

Streamline Online Procurement System to Reduce Spend and Improve Supplier Management.

Our Procurement management system software allow real time enterprise spend analysis report and easily connect the largest ommunity of trading experts.

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E-Procurement Management System

With the recent economic downturn, most companies have revised their policies and are now emphasising more strongly than ever on getting the best products and services their money can buy. In today's corporate environment, where unbudgeted expenses are driving a hole in the company's revenues, procurement management is the need of the hour.

For effective procurement management, you need to have a clear-as-water view at the company's expenditure. You also needs to be able to quickly zero in on the key spend categories and manage overall costs of a transaction while complying with contracts and policies. You need to deal with budget cuts, outdated supplier information, scattered data and a lot of paperwork. This is no cakewalk. Enaviya's EnavPurchase application is your single- point solution to all this hassle.

EnavPurchase is one of Enaviya's Expense Management of eProcurement software solutions for Pharma, Automobile, E-commerce and other Industries. It is a web- based procurement solution that allows you to fully automate your procure-to-pay procedure. It lets you handle the whole procurement process with great ease.

Benefits of eProcurement management system

Why EnavPurchase E-Procurement Management Software?

EnavPurchase helps to simplify the purchasing process and lower transaction cost. It helps save decision making time and help streamline the workforce. It will improve the operational efficiency of your procurement department to give you a competitive boost over the others. By automating

  • Identify the products and services to procure
  • View the company requisitions all in one place
  • Approve the purchase of products based on priority
  • Place purchase orders and issue it to suppliers
  • Decide on delivery timeframes and transaction costs
  • Generate vendor contracts and transaction receipts
  • Approve financial settlements

The entire process, you ensure smoother and faster purchasing. By centralising your company's procurement requirements, EnavPurchase reduces redundancy. It aims to add a strategic value and helps boost the financial performance of your company. With so many benefits, EnavPurchase ensures speedy return of investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eProcurement Software?

eProcurement software is a business application that manage contract, analyse spend that generally involves the acquisition, purchasing of goods, ordering over the internet or networking systems. Our eProcurement platform will enhance engagement between vendors, consumers and other value chain stakeholders to improve efficiency and accountability over the entire procurement process and reduce the total cost.

What is Supplier Management?

Supplier management maximizes the benefit of procurement activities from identification and on-boarding of new vendors into the buyer's supply chain, to continuous performance review. Our supplier management involves communicating with suppliers in a way that reflects the organization's goals to achieve their requirements.

What is Spend Management?

Spend Management is a procurement function that planning the way a company spends its money to get the most cost-effectively of the desired products and services. Spend management system includes supplier spending analysis, buying trends and control on business spending on outsourcing, procurement and supply chain management.

What is Procure to Pay?

Procure to Pay (P2P) is also referred to as Purchase to Pay which facilitates the electronic processing of invoices, the receipt of goods and services, purchase requests and workflow including spend authorisation.

Why is procurement software important to an organization?

Procurement software supervises purchasing decisions and streamlines processes of acquisition of goods and services, reduce spend and identify more cost-effective sources of supply. Our Procurement software used by top private sector organisation to sourced essential goods efficiently and at the lowest possible price.

Does e-procurement software integrate with financial systems?

Yes, but required some additional steps or custom code to get the two software systems to work together.