Process Safety Management [PSM]

Analyze and administer enterprise risks associated with highly hazardous

Enaviya help our clients to analyze and administer risks associated with highly hazardous chemicals with Process Safety Management (PSM) services.

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We at Enaviya help our clients to analyze and administer risks associated with highly hazardous chemicals with Process Safety Management (PSM) services. We follow the safety management process, put into motion by OSHA, which monitors all procedures involving using, storing, handling, moving, or manufactures harmful hazardous chemicals.

Process Safety Management (PSM) Key Features

Compliance Audit

Compliance audits help companies determine if they are following their PSM policies. They also serve as a company's most critical measurement tool for PSM effectiveness and compliance. Enaviya team of experts performs a third-party OSHA PSM compliance audit that ensures independence and impartiality and enhances compliance assessment's integrity.

Prioritize Work

PSM is bound to be rewarding if any company is committed to core values such as Safety, Health, and Environmental issues. The most challenging decision that involves Process Safety risks reduction is by Prioritizing work which needs to be addressed and provides managers with the right tools to make cost-conscious decision making in tight capital environments when handling High Hazardous Materials.

Process Safety Information

Enaviya has more experience in process safety information management than our competitor companies. Our experienced staff from various departments and risk professionals are considered among the best in the industry. PSI should include information about the hazards of the highly hazardous chemicals, information about the process's technology, and the equipment in the process.

Process Hazard Analysis

The process hazard analysis is a systematic approach for determining, classifying, and supervising the hazards of processes involving highly hazardous chemicals. Our engineers have extensive experience and can use any hazard evaluation techniques to help clients identify risks with their processes and systems.

Management of Change

OSHA has clearly defined Management of Change (MOC). It is a set of measures to avoid unintended hazards and complications associated with a change in an organization. Enaviya offers simplified and streamlined MOC solution, making it easy for companies to ensure compliance with the MOC requirements of OSHA's PSM standard and other similar regulations.

Operating Procedure

The Operating Procedures related to the process must be appropriate, clear, consistent, and, most importantly, well communicated to employees. Enaviya has years of experience developing PSM operating procedures from scratch to achieve efficiency, safety, and quality output. The operating procedures are fundamental to the safe operation of a facility.

Incident Investigation

With Incident Investigations, we help industries learn from its incidents and avoid such incidents to occur. Investigations need to be performed not only for incidents but also for positive outcomes to identify what sets the stage for positive results of specific outcomes.

Employee Participation

Employee Participation is a tricky element in PSM, and maybe one of the difficult ones for companies to manage and reflect during an audit. Employee participation is mandatory for any management system's success. We help company management and the employees develop a written plan to plan to implement Workforce Involvement.

Emergency Planning and Response

Emergency Planning and Response is a significant aspect of the Process Safety Management Standards. With the help of EPR, companies can analyze emergency response scenarios, implement preventive measures, and initialize training development drills.

Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity (MI) being one of the 14 elements in the OSHA PSM standard, Enaviya provides a complete understanding of relevant regulatory requirements and a validated and practical approach to addressing MI.

Pre-startup Safety Review

A pre-startup safety review (PSSR) is yet another critical element of the PSM program. PSSR aims to ensure safety, operating, maintenance, and emergency procedures are in place and adequate. The experts at Enaviya conduct every PSSR, which includes individuals with operations, design, process engineering & maintenance, and process Safety expertise.

Contractor Management

Contractor Management is everything about practices, policies, and procedures in a process or operational environment to build competency at the individual level. The primary aim we focus here is to develop competent Contractor Management leaders who can plan and execute all work that utilizes contractors.

Process Safety Management is designed to minimize the risk that dangerous incidents will occur. And you can count on Enaviya, who can be your mentor on this journey as we follow a systematic approach in evaluating the whole process with identification, prevention, and eliminate the risks associated with hazardous chemicals. It is every citizen's responsibility to help protect people and the environment.

If you are looking to benefit from our experience and range of OSHA process safety management services, contact us today.