SharePoint Site Provisioning Solutions

Effective SharePoint Automated Site Provisioning Solutions to Achieve Maximum Value

Custom SharePoint solution features such as request queuing and templating which involves the frequent creation of new Site, Lists, Folders, Files and other content will benefit site provisioning engine.

Automated SharePoint Site Provisioning Solutions

Site Provisioning in SharePoint is easy but it can easily turn into a nightmare if the content is not suitably managed or if there is an overflow of SharePoint sites.

Enaviya provides a solution that will enable you to properly govern, track and create new SharePoint Sites within your organization. Our SharePoint Site Provisioning Solution ensures that all SharePoint Site requests are centrally managed and that all new Sites will be properly approved by designated Site approvers to eliminate non-governed site proliferation related issues.

Features of SharePoint Site Provisioning

  • A centralized Site Request Form from which all users must request new sites
  • Built-in workflow to notify the users manager of the new site request
  • A user agreement to enable user tracking and user accountability
  • A Site Provisioning Reporting Center
  • A Robust site creation workflow