"Enaviya has done a great job for our organization. They have delivered excellent services for both outsourced projects and filling immediate requirements for onsite consultants. "
General Manager, Wipro Infotech

ME & I

Manufacturing and Execution Intelligence (ME&I)

A good manufacturing technology is the key to a successful business model. With growing demand from an ever hungry global market it is wise to optimize manufacturing as a whole. By availing technological innovations provided by Enaviya it is now possible to reorganise and augment the entire course of manufacturing. Strategic decisions based on smart analytics can be made to provide distinction in functionality. With ME&I by your side your company will be driven to excellence!

Analysis and Design

The needs of your business are unique. A system that moulds itself around your business practices is an operational obligation. Analysis includes assessment of prospects, system architecture consulting, product evaluation, ROI analysis and other handy requirements. Enaviya designs a unique service oriented design for your IT solution. Strong on-site and offshore implementation practices and detailed architecture definitions is few of the many things that make your IT solution stand out.

ERP/MES Integration

Do you already have an ERP/MES implementation? Not a problem at all! Enaviya's solution is capable of receiving from and feeding your ERP/MES system. Equipped with (ISA 95 Part I & II/OAGi), custom integration, workflow/process development (ISA 95 Part III and S88 based) and manufacturing dashes/portals your IT implementation will be exhaustively equipped.

Manufacturing Intelligence

A distinct platform designed by Enaviya for integration of natively calculated information and processes. Designed to be flexible, it can seamlessly exchange data between SAP ERP and plant floor applications. Robust in nature it can provide decision aids and intelligent analytics on manufacturing processes. Customised role centric dashboards with vital stats can be modelled to provide a single window access to the entire system.