Manufacturing Industry ERP Software

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Manufacturing Industry Management Software Solutions

The biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry is the availability of the right information at the right time. It is without doubt the most critical aspect of a healthy business. Majority of the revenue is generated through manufacturing. With global markets steadily growing and a never ending need for quality manufacturing an efficient, practical model is required to monitor the manufacturing process. Enaviya can provide your business with exactly that.


Overcoming challenges creates a flawless manufacturing process; a fully functioning manufacturing process will typically have the following challenges:

Real-time Data Collection

Knowing what's happening when it is happening is the key to a good monitoring system. Equipment failure, maintenance requirement, peak process time and so on can only be calculated with real time data. A six sigma implementation would necessarily require a manufacturing process to have a real time data collection routine.Most manufacturing solutions are not fully equipped to offer such services.

Scheduling of Critical System Events

Scheduling system events plays a major part in manufacturing time. Getting a few systems to work overtime during maintenance or during a lack of system operators is crucial. Peak production overtime, power saving and so on need to be automated. Timing matters and this is what most IT implementations on manufacturing systems cannot deliver.

Delivery Forecasting

Predicting goals, calculating production time and plant capacity all depend on delivery forecasting. This feature requires special data collected instantaneously and over a period of time. The process of data collection analysis and providing custom reports for the same requires unique processing. However large the IT solution is, an effective delivery forecasting has seldom been successful.

Scope for Re-usability and Regularization

Redundancy of manufactured products is not healthy for a stable manufacturing system. With a proper inventory management system redundancies can be minimalized to a great extent. Proper account of stock as well as dynamic reduction or increase based on type and production time aids in better planning and forecasting. A very few IT solutions today are prepared to face such a challenge.

Analysis of Processes

Analysing manufacturing processes is one of the most crucial applications an IT solution can offer. With proper reporting and logging, suggestions can be generated to make calculations based on time required and priority. These calculations will further enhance the efficiency of process flow saving time, energy and at the end of the day money. An IT solution offering such a service is at the top of its game!