"enavprocure paid for itself in less than 6 months and reduced our purchasing cycle time by 50%."
Director, Densa pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Plant Maintenance

A thorough reliable maintenance system is an integral part of a modern manufacturing plant. The right solution can simplify this extensive and complicated task. Enaviya's manufacturing system is designed to monitor the requirements of even the tiniest entity in the plants manufacturing cycle. Equipped to handle any number of items, detailed information on each item can be generated at request. Reporting and logging of each event is an integrated part of this system. Notifications with regard to preventive maintenance and priority levels can be customised and provided in a role centric dashboard for easy monitoring. Colour coding is done to ensure that the right levels of importance are given to the impaired item. Capable of sending automatic requests to external maintenance agencies, your plant maintenance is the least of your concern after implementing an Enaviya solution.