"The smartspend system helped us significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to process expense reports and make accounting entries."
Partner, Prime CFO

Independent Software Vendor

Increased competition, growing complexities, shrinking product lifecycles, short release cycles and shorter time-to-market has placed an enormous strain on the independent software vendors to constantly out-do themselves. When you are racing against the time to deliver, it is essential for you stay on top of the game. It also pays to partner with another organisation and have yet another industrious team that can work hand-in-hand with your engineering division to achieve the end-result faster.

Product Development Services

Enaviya acknowledges the challenges faced by the ISVs and has set up a number of dedicated business units to meet them. It outsources a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced engineers to render product development services. Since Enaviya thrives on innovation, we have a team in each business units drawing from their vast technical experience to develop platform-independent solutions that can be plugged into your product and speed up product development. With its partnership with technology leaders, it offers an additional advantage which will provide solutions that have the backing of new, cutting-edge technology.

With years of experience and truck-loads of skills to add to the project, Enaviya can jump-start your product development initiatives. With each of our team members having expertise in their own specific domains, they bring about excellence through diversity. Our teams work tirelessly to enrich themselves with early-bird technology so that they have more benefits to bring to the table. With its ability to set up offshore COEs seamlessly, Enaviya is the sought after service providers for many world leading ISVs.