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Management Supervisor, Ogilvy One

Legacy Modernisation

But that is how we have always done it" is the thing of the past. With the experience of a recession-hit market, organisations are hurriedly modernising the way things are done. Emphasis is all about getting the task done time-and-cost efficiently. Legacy applications are complex and difficult to maintain. The application's expensive maintenance and the lack of flexibility leave a lot to be desired.

Enaviya's Legacy Modernisation approach enables your organisation to accelerate time-to-market at a reduced cost. It also helps you improve customer service and provides you with opportunities to expand into potential markets. Our approach also helps you respond to challenging business conditions faster and assists your organisation in better management of IT investments.

Through a re-engineered set of IT applications on a scalable new platform that is supported by modern systems with state-of-the-art technology, your organisation can build scalable applications with better features at a reduced cost, thus assuring a good profit margin.