CPG Category Analytics & Insights Software

Enaviya has done a great job for our organization. They have delivered excellent services for both outsourced projects and filling immediate requirements for onsite consultants. - General Manager, Wipro Infotech

Category Management Analytics Software Solutions

Category management is an important process of CPG which can lead to successful business and retail partnership. It helps you capture a detailed view of market situations that can give you an edge over your competitors. Products are grouped into various categories and each of these verticals requires its own business strategy and approach to market. This results in an extensive data generation which can become a task to process especially when sudden decisions are expected to be taken.

Enaviya's Category Analytics solution helps you generate accurate statistical models for all your business verticals and can integrate structured and unstructured multisource data to enhance actionability. Enaviya keeps simplicity in mind and the solution is designed with a secure, easy-to-operate user interface.