SharePoint Workflow Automation

Enaviya Technologies provide SharePoint development services like implementation, customization, enhancements, upgradation, migration, support, branding & designing, SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) and integration with existing applications.

SharePoint Workflow Automation

Among technologies, SharePoint is typically required by all organizations as a collaborative platform that helps in synchronized sharing of information via employees' PCs. SharePoint Workflow is a graphical map of a process, with instructions about what happens at each step.

It is similar to pre-programmed mini-applications that streamline and automate a wide variety of business processes. Workflows can range from collecting signatures, feedback, or approvals for a plan or document, to track the current status of a routine procedure.

We, at Enaviya make certain that the SharePoint workflows are designed and customized to save you time and effort, and to bring consistency and efficiency to tasks that you perform on a regular basis.

We are aimed to provide our clients a workflow that can automate the movement of documents or items through a sequence of actions or tasks that are related to a business process.

Workflows can be used by our competent clients to consistently manage common business processes within an organization by enabling the organization to attach business logic to documents or items in a SharePoint list or library.

It helps the executives of your company to get an overview of the different operational processes in the organization.

To meet all your business requirements, Enaviya offers a comprehensive set of SharePoint Workflow services, which include :

SharePoint Workflow Development Solutions

SharePoint Designer Workflow: The workflow designer interface is where you define the complete logic of the workflow.

Nintex Workflow Automation Software: We offer the client the Nintex Workflow for SharePoint that gives the out-of-the-box capabilities to automate your core business processes resulting in increased business productivity.

SharePoint Development in Visual Studio: We ensure that the Visual Studio gives a visual workflow designer surface that gives you a chance to make custom workflows, forms, workflow templates, structures, and custom workflow activities completely in the designer environment.

SharePoint Workflow Automation & Management: Our SharePoint workflows can automate to enhance interactions between the people who involve in a process to improve how that process functions, foster its efficiency, and reduce its error rate.