SharePoint BI Dashboard/Portal Development

Transform Business Intelligence [BI] with Modern SharePoint Platforms

Great help to making enterprise decisions with SharePoint BI Dashboard Development Services provide right information at the right time in the right Format.

Business Intelligence [BI] Dashboard & Portals Development Services

Enterprise portals allow the organization employees, clients, partners, and the customers to interact with each other. It provides a direct access to the reporting sources of the company's centralized department. BI can be defined as the process of providing pricing and positioning of the business activities. Its components include:

SharePoint BI Services
  • Real-time reporting
  • Statistical inference
  • Version control

Business today has become more competitive. All the business solution comprises of the multi-tenant and collaborative environment. Business intelligence includes the toolkit such as key performance, fusion charts, visualization tools etc. It also dedicates to

  • Dashboards that acts as widgets
  • OLAP cube
  • Data warehousing
  • Ad hoc network analysis
  • MIS reporting application
  • Excel integration

Enaviya's Enterprise portal accounts have open standards that help the business administration to be unified and also leads to single-sign-on. Information builders are the development tools used in BI; they mainly act according to the customer global locations. It focuses on the service oriented architecture and data integration techniques.

Our expertise in the functionality of the EIP components is designed using ASP, JSP, HTML/XL, JavaScript and Java. We help our clients to easily design the portals in the existing environment.