Custom Office 365 Development Solution

Take Advantage of SharePoint Office 365 Services to Simplifies all your Business Process Online

We deliver high-quality custom SharePoint development solution on time within budget that help your business to accelerate and enhance software / application development.

SharePoint Office 365 Development Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technique allows its users to organize the content in a formalized manner. It helps the people to create, capture documents, information, emails, diagrams, web presentations, worksheets, videos etc.

Custom Development Using SharePoint Online on Office 365 tool helps in keeping track of the records of the organization. ECM technologies and products have proved that to manage collective documents the following needs to be performed,

  • Essential to regulate diverse content
  • More documentation properties
  • Unique IDs for documentation
  • Control access

ECMS tool had different versions earlier, now the general format is that it can be addressed as documents and records management tool. The scope of the tools is

  • Content management
  • Business-to-employee
  • Instant messaging
  • Metadata
  • Semantic networks

The stores and the business technologies that managed by ECM records help to ensure litigation to the customers.

  • Playing media and publishing sites
  • Using optimized library facilities

Custom Development Using SharePoint Online on Office 365 has played more evolution in the business world. We have personalized our strategic software to address storage management and also preserve data and records.

Enaviya aims at extending the Custom Development Using SharePoint Online on Office 365 in the features such as,

  • Document management
  • Document imagining
  • Collaboration
  • Digital asset management
  • Business process management
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between Office 365 and SharePoint?

    SharePoint is an intranet cloud-based system that integrates functionality such as collaboration, CMS, and dashboards. Office 365 offers you access to Microsoft Office products such as word, excel and PowerPoint on any platform from anywhere.

    Can I use SharePoint designer with Office 365?

    Yes, SharePoint Designer is software for the design of websites and applications used to create and configure SharePoint pages. SharePoint Model 2013/2016 operates on a SharePoint basis.

    How can office 365 help my business?

    Office 365 is an online version of Microsoft's Desktop Suite operating on a cloud-based subscription. It comes with a range of features and benefits that can support your company with such items as Anywhere Access, Teamwork and Collaboration, Simple Integration with Other Apps, Advanced Analytical Tools and MS Exchange Email Hosting service

    Does office 365 support domain-based email addresses?

    To build domain specific email addresses, you can add the domain name that you own to Office 365.

    What is Office 365? How is it different from Microsoft Office?

    Office 365 is a subscription-based service made available by Microsoft to support individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. Microsoft office is a Microsoft desktop office suite of several software / tools that can be installed on your Laptop or workstation on a one-off basis.