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SharePoint Envisioning Solutions

Enaviya's aptness in making decisions enables the clients to come back. The SharePoint envisioning process enables our customers to work efficiently than ever, which provides solid foundation for SharePoint success by constructing easy SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint usage varies based on the organization. The content structure of the environment includes Pages, Web and App parts, List, Libraries, Content and Sites. SharePoint architecture components include the server farm and site collections.

SharePoint Envisioning Solution

First, Server farm is the key component that consists of many databases and constructs an environment with the database server, the application server and the web front end server. The configuration database stores information about every other SharePoint databases. Central Administration Content Database stores content for the CA site. The content databases cover up the site contents like files, documents, list data, and properties of web parts, usernames and rights. There can be more than one site in a single content database.

Secondly, the application server runs the service applications and supported by multiple application servers for improving the performance.

Third, the web front end (WFE) server enables the user to see the actual website using SharePoint services.

Finally, a Site collection stores all the level of sites comprising top-level sites, child sites and the complex hierarchy sites.