SharePoint Workflow Collaboration Solution

SharePoint Cost-effective Collaboration & Workflow Solution to Increase in productivity

We are helping companies to business collaboration & workflow solutions to automate approval, track an issue, collect feedback, manage project and task.

Business Collaboration & Workflow Solution

The veracity of Enaviya is to offer the clients the solutions that are unique and suit their needs. The SharePoint collaboration is a tool that helps in effective workflows and increase in productivity rates. Recently, Organizations are deceiving the advantages of implementing collaborative tools in their regular workflow model.

SharePoint Collaboration & Workflow Solutions

The middle market organizations are realizing that strategies and collaboration tools are very cost effective as well as to organize the internal and external processes. These can be attained with the help of Microsoft SharePoint and Social media platforms by sharing documents and collaborate on projects. Enaviya embraces that the key success in the workplace is collaboration.

OneNote Notebook enables to take notes and store it locally in the team site. Share dialog interface will help users to rapidly add people to the list. The DocPoint Solutions SharePoint Readiness Assessment and Roadmap is modified to the requirement of every organization. It initiates with guidance to solution for each engagement and planned activities, which perhaps evade cost rework, time occupied and low performance.

The Assessment process used by Enaviya enables the organization to accommodate various methods at each step. It gets caught up with understanding the functionality of your organization, pain points and identify where the highest effective productivity potential deployed.