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We are helping companies to business connectivity services & integration solutions into a centralized system.

SharePoint Business Connectivity Services [BCS]

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is an infrastructure that allows SharePoint 2013/2016 and Office 2016 to collect data from external systems together into a centralized system. We provide a platform such that it is used to construct various types of data integration solutions.

You will need SharePoint, Visual Studio, Office Developer tools for Visual Studio or SharePoint Designer to start developing with BCS. The external content type is a key feature of BCS, which empowers you to administer and reuse the metadata. The external content types are created using OData Sources, a protocol that allows the developers to create applications for communicating with the data sources.

Business Connectivity Services

The advanced features of BCS can be used to develop various solid solutions. In client object model, the objects are used to create client-side scripts that have access to exposed external data. API Reference holds data for building Representational State Transfer (REST) URLs to access external data sources. BCS solution plays a critical part by providing security for the data your clients work with Microsoft Business Connectivity Services.