SharePoint Migration Solution

We deliver high-quality custom SharePoint development solution on time within budget that help your business to accelerate and enhance software / application development.

SharePoint on premise Migration/Upgrade Services

We understand the requirement of different business verticals; plan accordingly to deliver remarkable solution that derives good outcome in any sector. SharePoint Foundation gives an exceedingly adaptable arrangement of use programming interfaces to support migrating content and conditions into SharePoint Foundation Web sites. This substance can start from another SharePoint Web, or from an outside source.

To migrate the web applications, Enaviya helps you in every step of a migration process.

The following are the steps to SharePoint migrate from one version to another version.

  • Install New SharePoint version
  • Copy customizations over to the new server
  • Run configuration and configure farm settings
  • Move databases to new SQL Server
  • Migrate the Service Applications
  • Create Web Applications
  • Test and Attach Databases
  • Upgrade site collections

For the most part, migrating a service application from one version to another version is especially similar to creating a new service application, aside from, if they require databases, they refer to the databases being migrated and perhaps unique passphrases. To perform this, you need to create service application pool and then create service application and refer to the databases that need to be upgraded and create a proxy.

To migrate the web applications, initially, you need to create a web application to attach the content databases from the SharePoint server and make sure all settings and URLs are the same. You can use PowerShell or Central Administration.