Database Upgrade & Migration Services

Our unique strength in providing enterprise custom Microsoft SharePoint development services covering varying industry help to discover the way can make your business better.

SharePoint Databases Migration Solutions

Enaviya support the migration plan due to its competency in identifying the various component tasks such as identification and estimations, and planning of resources among others. Every identified task is further analyzed for complexities, customizations and dependencies so as to be executed in the migration phase. This phase also involves ideation, learning the existing application, aligning existing features with new SharePoint features, and defining strategies needed to replace existing features with new strategies.

The strong assessment & understanding of what content currently exists across an organization and what content needs to be migrated into SharePoint is essential and important for the successful migration.

The following will be the SharePoint upgrade process

  • Requirements : Understand the new Hardware and Software Requirements for SharePoint
  • Prepare : Make sure you have a plan and understand it. Always have a backup plan
  • Test Upgrade : Create New Service Applications and Service Applications without Databases
  • Update FARM : Upgrade Service Applications and Always upgrade Services Farms first. Upgrade Content Database.
  • Validation : Confirm that your solution meets your requirements for availability, security, and reliability
  • Eval Upgrades : Site Collection Owner can request an Evaluation Site and when Eval site is ok, the original site can be upgraded
  • Upgrade Sites : Upgrade MySite Hosts and MySite. Always update the My Site Host First. My Sites cannot be upgraded before the My Site Host