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Our SharePoint application Development team expertise in application design, architecture and development that help automate, consolidate, streamline and integrate your business process.

Networking Industry Software Consulting Services

Enaviya aspires to provide intelligent solutions and services to our clients. SharePoint is a robust platform that can be used for the integration of information assets of external systems into a single enterprise platform. Integration is a structure of storing data in the SharePoint environment or the external data assets avail SharePoint as a consolidated user interface.

SharePoint leverages the built in platform capabilities allowing 2 way integration such as Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Representational State Transfer (REST) Data Access services. BCS delivers a set of services that cover up a new feature of connecting and integrating external Line of Business (LOB) data into SharePoint.

We invariably focus on building business that integrates technology and brilliance that helps to achieve high productivity. BCS is well-built and open- ended that enable organizations to construct connections to the external data sources by using SharePoint Designer. REST is used to access and update the SharePoint data which can be compared to the client object model.

The developers can execute Create, Read, Update and Delete operations remotely with SharePoint data that compliance with any technology supporting REST web requests. Understanding of networking technology is essential for a SharePoint administrator. Networking services is a key to SharePoint performance that will help in decision making during farm communications planning. Enaviya ensures to provide assistance to our clients.

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