SharePoint Database Maintenance & Supports

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SharePoint Software Database Maintenance Services

Enaviya uses leading strategies to administer SharePoint software maintenance activities to its clients. The following are the SharePoint software maintenance activities

  • Using a browser, connect to the top level sites of all occurrences of SharePoint within your environment, to ensure they are reachable.
  • Using Remote Desktop, log in to each server in your farm (SharePoint " SQL) to make certain that they are up and running smoothly.
  • If there have been problems reported by users, ensure to check an Event Viewer and ULS Logs.
  • Verify whether Backups made during the night have been finished successfully.
  • Verify the SharePoint Server Search Service Application logs to verify everything is crawling properly.
  • Use ULS log viewer to go through the SharePoint ULS log file to trouble shoot any issue.
  • Constantly monitor user profile sync
  • Regularly monitor Crawl job and the related database size.
  • Use perfmon to collect and monitor performance factors.
  • Monitoring the farm and resolving problems using SharePoint Health Analyzer
  • Check critical Windows/SQL security patches. Ensure you apply them in the test environment first!
  • Check Disk Space on all SharePoint/SQL Server to make certain you aren't running low
  • Check the Actual size of every SharePoint Content Database. If it is close to being full, make sure to pre-grow it in order to avoid autogrow and increase performance.
  • Archive and clean the Windows Event Log.