SharePoint Collaboration Services

Our unique strength in providing enterprise custom Microsoft SharePoint development services covering varying industry help to discover the way can make your business better.

SharePoint Social Site Collaboration Services

Social and collaboration capabilities in SharePoint make it clean for customers to talk and to live engaged and knowledgeable. The enhanced social feed on personal sites and group sites helps users to preserve up to date with the people and content that they care about. Social networking gear consisting of My Sites and social content technologies consisting of wikis, blogs and Really Simple syndication (RSS) were the examples of social computing features.

These features are opted by Enaviya to allow users to easily effortlessly seize and share the knowledge and expertise that is needed to do their work. This sharing of information encourages improving innovation, collaboration, and targets applicable content to the people who have to see it.

Enaviya's strength is in collaboration sites as it saves information that the individuals and groups can together writer, share, and revise. These sites do not want to be related to a particular portal site series or part of a publishing site series. Collaboration sites can be made to be had for searching from your portal or publishing site in order that information from these sites isn't always lost to your organization.