SharePoint 2016 Development Services

We deliver high-quality custom SharePoint development solution on time within budget that help your business to accelerate and enhance software / application development.

SharePoint 2016 Development Services

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is a collaborative environment that all organizations implement to increase the business processes efficiency. This site enables our client to provide environments that administrators can configure personalized access documents and other information.

  • Scalability - Microsoft SharePoint 2016 allows scalability such as increase in file size, list threshold and maximum number of items that can be stored.
  • Easier Patching - Easy Patching fix bugs and close up security holes. SharePoint 2016 helps our client to provide its customers with a capability to apply the patch without the downtime.
  • Durable Links - One of the most challenging features by previous versions of SharePoint was moving a document to a different location where broken links which are previously pointed to that document. This, in turn, helps customers to point to a file's location, reducing the amount of time dealing with broken links.
  • File Names - SharePoint uses an enhanced naming system which makes customers file names much simpler and easy to understand.
  • Hybrid Environment - With the growing importance of the cloud, SharePoint 2016 has the ability to handle hybrid environments. It is a combination of on-premise and cloud content. The new hybrid search function allows users to search for cloud and on-premise content at the same time.
  • Faster - SharePoint 2016 performs faster and better functionalities compared to the previous versions of SharePoint.

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