SharePoint Performance Monitoring Solution

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SharePoint Server Performance & Configuration Solutions

Enaviya focuses on providing health SharePoint services to meet the demands of various businesses. The main aim of monitoring is to make certain that a healthy SharePoint environment attained so that a service performance objective like short response time is achieved. You can use the monitoring features from the SharePoint Central Administration website, System Center Management Pack for SharePoint Server, and Windows PowerShell scripts to monitor the SharePoint environment and services.

We, at Enaviya, have specific approaches designed for client to monitor the SharePoint environment, which includes the following tasks:

  • Configuring the various elements of monitoring to match the business needs.
  • Viewing reports and logs to monitor the SharePoint 2013 environment.
  • Monitoring and solve problems by utilizing SharePoint Health Analyzer

Usage and health data is collected to show how SharePoint 2013 is employed. The system enters the usage and health data into the logging folder and the logging database. The usage and health data may perhaps encompasses performance counter data, timer service data, event log data, search usage data, metrics for site collections and sites, or various performance aspects of the Web servers. The system uses this data to create health reports, and administrative reports.

SharePoint uses specific timer jobs to regularly monitor tasks and collect monitoring data. However, a timer job communicates with the service to run and how frequently the service should be started. The SharePoint Timer Service (SPTimerV4) runs timer jobs.