SharePoint Sandbox Development Solution

Deploy Customizations on SharePoint 2016

Our SharePoint application Development team expertise in application design, architecture and development that help automate, consolidate, streamline and integrate your business process.

SharePoint 2016 Sandbox Customization Solutions

Sandbox solution files contain assemblies and other non-compiled components. It is a collection of administration that gives permission to the users to upload, perform site collection to a library package. Enaviya ensures that the SharePoint allows the users to monitor the performance of resources and the domain rules to verify the web application services.

Sandbox is a dedicated application server. Depending upon the configuration, the web development will be processed as the front-end developer. If the application is loaded it executes the code as per the request. The process workflow is as follows:

  • Request is received
  • SharePoint application development
  • Host service
  • Sandbox worker process
  • Object module subset
  • Proxy server

Our customers feel more comfortable with the Sandbox servers as the process that is carried out with the help of SharePoint web application and host service. Enaviya follows certain policies that will restrict the distrusted users.

Enaviya uses its user code configuration that makes the customers compatible for the common SharePoint development scenarios. This execution performs operations that derive the boundaries such as

  • SharePointItemEventReceiver
  • SharePointWebItemReceiver
  • SharePointListItemReceiver
  • Thus, Enaviya's application domain operates on a unique process that focuses on various functionalities and account services.