SharePoint Sales Lead Management Software Solution

Enaviya Technologies provide SharePoint development services like implementation, customization, enhancements, upgradation, migration, support, branding & designing, SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) and integration with existing applications.

SharePoint Sales Lead Management System

Enaviya provide a set of methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate newpotential business clients, generally operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs.

Enaviya offers modern management tools in a disciplined way to maximize the benefits of a company and its customers receive from the efforts of its sales force. With constant involvement with the sales force team we provide an effective sales management. This enables to increase sales revenue and profitability, decrease variability of revenue due to inaccurate forecasting, increase sales productivity and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If your company's sales efforts are not living up to expectations, it is time to let our sales lead provide you expert methodologies like

  • Sales planning
    1. 1. Narrow or a broad spectrum of responsibilities

      2. Estimate demand and prepare sales forecasts

      3. Establish sales force objectives and quotas

      4. Prepare sales plans and budgets

  • Staffing and training
    1. 1. Establish the size and organization of the sales force

      2. Recruit, select, and train the sales force in an effective way

  • Controlling and Evaluating
    1. 1. Provide a least expensive, most effective, way to increase revenue and margins, market share, cash flow, return on investment, and net present value, as well as to beat the competition.

      2. Evaluate the risks and catalogue the specific tasks that are performed on a regular basis in a well-managed, effective sales force

  • Efficiency and compensation
    1. 1. Compensate the sales force to keep the sales person motivated to work effectively

      2. Use modern methodologies and technology to increase the quality and speed of delivery