SharePoint Project Management Application

Our unique strength in providing enterprise custom Microsoft SharePoint development services covering varying industry help to discover the way can make your business better.

Project/Portfolio Management Application Services

The proficiency of Enaviya is to provide a methodical approach to planning and guiding project processes from start to finish by using established principles, procedures and policies. We effectively and efficiently guide all aspects of a project from start to finish, with the ideal goal of delivering the outcome on time and on budget.

We use Critical Chain Project Management, Agile methodology and Critical Path Method to enhance the customer experience and to manage projects. We use hybrid approaches to incorporate other frameworks and methodologies into their Project management methodologies.

We follow the below process to provide an enhanced experience:

  • Initiation and Planning
    1. 1. Defining clear cut project goals

      2. Mapping out the complete plan to achieve those goals

      3. Determining the budget, resources and time required for each process, as well as the project as a whole

  • Execution and Monitoring
    1. 1. Overseeing the actual implementation of the plan and the goals of the project

      2. Delivering the finished outcome in cost effective way

      3. Identify potential challenges in advance and handle any roadblocks as they arise in order to keep the project on schedule

  • Controlling and Closing
    1. 1. Implement controls to assess performance and progress against the established schedule

      2. Overseeing the actual implementation and execution of the work

      3. Delivering the finished outcome in cost effective way