SharePoint Security Management Services

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SharePoint Groups Permission/Security Management System

Enaviya's comprehension in managing permission and security groups using SharePoint strengthens the organization's network in accessing the content. A SharePoint group is a pool of users who obtain the same set of permissions to access the sites and content. Rather than assigning permission to a single person at a time, you can use groups to conveniently allocate the same permission level to group of people at once.

This platform enables the site owner to control and filters based on who can and cannot see your SharePoint site. For easiest administration, use the standard SharePoint groups like Owners, Members, and Visitors. We recommend that you make most users members as either Visitors or Members groups. Members can contribute to the site by either adding or removing items, but can neither change the structure nor the settings of the site.

You can also create additional groups and permission levels if you need an improvised control over the activities that your users can take. Whenever there are particular lists, libraries, folders, etc. that has sensitive data needs additional protection; you can use fine-grained permissions to grant specific permissions to specific groups or individual users.