SharePoint Installation/Configuration Services

Our unique strength in providing enterprise custom Microsoft SharePoint development services covering varying industry help to discover the way can make your business better.

SharePoint Installation & Configuration Solutions

The understanding of SharePoint installation and configuration is made possible by learning the following key structural elements in a SharePoint environment is needed to correctly install and support SharePoint:

  • Server farm : The foremost element of a logical architecture design for SharePoint.
  • Web application : It creates an IIS website and is used by SharePoint.
  • Content database : Provides storage Web application content. This enables you to segregate content into multiple content databases at the site collection level.
  • Site collection : A group of websites comprising the same owner and share administration settings.
  • Site : One or more related Web pages and other items (such as lists, libraries, and documents) that can be hosted inside a site collection

The process of preparing your environment comprises of the following steps:

    1. Prepare the servers - Database Server, Application Server and Domain controller need to be created.

    2. Create the farm - Before you can deploy a farm, you must plan the solution that you need to deploy and identify the infrastructure requirements, such as server resources and farm topology

    3. Configuration - Configure settings, services, solutions, and sites

Enaviya's eminence in SharePoint is to allow the configuration of individual services independently, enabling you to implement the services according to the needs of an organization.