E-mail Server System Configuration

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Email System Settings & Text messaging Solutions

Enaviya's skills can help any organization to manage the system setting by making use of the System settings, e-mail and text messaging options.

By employing central administration site, managing the services running on the server as well as those in the farm becomes easier and efficient. It enables you to change the role of server from central administration site for a particular server in the farm.

A SharePoint site is generally located on an intranet. Accordingly, access to the SharePoint site can be difficult when users are away from the office - for example, if they are travelling or attending a business dinner. The mobile alert feature enables users to respond quickly as soon as they receive an SMS alert that an item in a SharePoint list has changed.

You can use one mobile account to configure all web applications in a server farm, or you can configure the mobile account for a specific web application. On the other hand, you can only configure just one mobile account in the farm. If you configure the mobile account for a server farm, all members in the organization can subscribe to alerts. If you have several web applications that divide your organization into different groups, and might want to configure a mobile account for only one of those groups. The following are the steps to configure Email

  • Install SMTP Role (Windows Server 2008 and 2012)
  • Configuring SMTP Service to Relying to Office365/Gmail SMTP
  • Testing the SMTP Service Connection
  • Configuring Outgoing E-Mail settings in SharePoint Servers
  • Test Sending an E-mail from SharePoint Site