SharePoint Branding Solutions

Our SharePoint application Development team expertise in application design, architecture and development that help automate, consolidate, streamline and integrate your business process.

SharePoint Custom Site Designing & Branding Solutions

Enaviya maintains transparency in assisting businesses. Thus, the custom designing & branding for your webpage has personalized themes and designs. The master web page is basically the most crucial file in terms of branding your SharePoint. It's a single web page in which you make a decision on the HTML structure you'll want to have or use the CSS to style it. Then, each single web page in your web page series can refer from that master web page for the main layout of your site.

Enaviya offers themes that are very useful and offer an extra light-weight manner to brand your SharePoint web page. A theme can change the prevailing hues and pix of a site, however not the layout of the elements in the site layout. The theme is carried out on top of the site, changing images and CSS styles in the web site, basically re-skinning the website. Themes can be used on your own or in conjunction with a custom master web page.

Using SharePoint Design Manager, we let you create some custom designs and also we ensure that it is simple to create fully customized and pixel-perfect design. Design Manager is a publishing function that is available in publishing sites in both SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 365. Master pages offer the look and feel for all the pages to your site so changing the styles or content of the master page may quickly alternate the entire site.