SharePoint Discussion Forum Development Solutions

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Community Forums & Discussions Board Development Services

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In SharePoint, a new template, Community Site provides a forum experience in the SharePoint environment. Here we use communities to categorize and cultivate discussions among a broad group of people across organizations. Open communication and information exchange are promoted by communities by enabling them to share their expertise and get help from others in the specific areas of interest. Communities can be promoted to users within the template by deploying Community Portal.

Visitors can view discussions and become members of the community. The communities can be managed by setting rules, reviewing and addressing posts, marketing content as featured discussions by Moderators. In addition, Moderator can also assign badges to specific members to visually indicate that the member is identified as a specific contributor in the community. Each community has member information and content reputation can be actively posted in discussions. The content on the community or forum can be liked, replied to or marked as the best answer.

Some of the benefits of implementing Communities Forums and Discussions Board on SharePoint are:

  • All users can access the community and view the discussions. Only members who are using email distribution lists can benefit from discussions.
  • Communities are permanent and comprise a history of all the post related activities. The user will receive an email from the initial point as soon as he joins the community.
  • Communities help us in collecting and organizing intellectual property. There is no method to categorize email messages and search within the member's own folders.
  • These communities have modern built in functionality that helps in keeping the community active and appropriate to enterprise needs.