Cloud Application Development Solution

Enhancing Potential of Cloud Platform by Secure, Reliable and Cost-effective Services

Take advantage of our experience to develop flexible, secure and reliable enterprise cloud software/application from scratch.

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SharePoint Cloud App Development

SharePoint provides a cloud application model that facilitate to create apps. Enaviya supports that these apps for SharePoint are self-contained section of functionalities the use of primarily based technology consisting of HTML5, JavaScript, and OAuth that expand the skills of a SharePoint website.

The Cloud App Model for SharePoint was designed with the cloud in mind. Cloud App version offers users to find out and download apps from the SharePoint keep or from their employer's personal App Catalog and install them on their SharePoint sites.

App package documents are controlled absolutely by way of SharePoint itself. Enaviya's competency is to ensure that these Apps are served through a proxy in SharePoint which may require some DNS or certificate manipulation in on-premises versions of SharePoint.

Cloud App Development Services

Our cloud based app development services helps industry to increase productivity by supporting to design and build or existing application to migrate to cloud platform. Take advantage of our experience to develop flexible, secure and reliable enterprise cloud software/application from scratch. We also provide real-time app support, maintenance, and setup the cloud architecture

Cloud Consulting

We leverage industry-specific expertise to provide cost-effective solution that suitable cloud optimization, cloud App development and integration. Our consultant will guide you to implementation strategy and current infrastructure improvement to build a high performance application.

Cloud Deployment

Our experience cloud deployment team provide seamlessly integration of current used software and implementing highly reliable, secure hybrid cloud deployment with sensitive data handling.

Custom Cloud Application Development

We develop custom cloud application development that power to your cloud application at lower costs.

Cloud Application Management

Our effective application management services build modern technology architecture that helps you monitoring cloud or on-premises application performance in real time.

Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance

We keep monitoring cloud application to secure and proactively maintain for flawless operation. Our technical support team ensure performance, resolve functionality problems and address cloud challenges immediately.

App Migration to Cloud Platform

Our skilled cloud professional enable latest feature and migrate your existing software to cloud platform that can help organization to digital transform, more scalability, procuring storage, infrastructure flexibility and cloud computational power.

Cloud integration

Our cloud integration solutions benefit you to connect various in house software on single platform that perform at a lower cost.

Advantages of Cloud Application Platforms

Availability: Users can access to the software at all times with cloud applications platforms.

Innovative Technology: Enterprises that use platforms for cloud applications are exposed to the latest technologies.

Mobility: Cloud computing systems are accessed at any point in time desktop or mobile.

Collaboration: User can share content with cloud application platform that secure and reduce time.

Flexibility: Enterprise customizes their cloud platform requirement such as storage and server capacity.

Cost and risk: Enterprise can save cost and risk by opt for a cloud application.