SharePoint Web Application Development

Our unique strength in providing enterprise custom Microsoft SharePoint development services covering varying industry help to discover the way can make your business better.

Application Management Services & Solutions

Enaviya’s meticulous plan for managing the applications effectively for any organization imparts protection. Therefore, organizations should consider the application management. It includes

  • Customization policy : SharePoint includes customizable features and abilities that include multiple product areas, such as workflow, business intelligence, forms, and content management. Customization can introduce risks to the stability, protection, and safety of the environment. To support customization while controlling its scope, a customization policy is developed.
  • Life-cycle management : Follow the best practices to manage applications and keep your environments in sync.
  • Branding : Whenever you are designing information architecture and a set of sites to use across an organization, include branding in your governance strategy. A formal set of branding policies helps ensure that sites consistently use enterprise imagery, fonts, themes, and other design elements.
  • Customizations : Decide whether a solution or an app for SharePoint would be the best choice for specific customizations

Enaviya surmises that all customizations do not remain same. You ought to decide carefully which kind of customizations to allow in your environment. You must affirm the customizations to support the performance, ease of use, and supportability you want for your environment. Your governance strategies should maintain equilibrium between acceptable risk with the business needs for your organization.