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Our brilliant services on ASP.NET Server Side Scripting (C#/VB.NET) is fulfilled by running a script directly on a web server for dynamic pages.

C# and VB.NET Server-Side Programming Services

Server-side scripting is a web server technology where user's request is fulfilled by running a script directly on a web server to generate dynamic pages.

NET Server-Side Programming

Enaviya offers brilliant services on ASP.NET Server Side Scripting. The Server Side Scripting code runs on the server side, not on the client. It is a strategy utilized as a part of web development which includes utilizing scripts on a web server which deliver a response-customized for every client's solicitation to the website.

In ASP.NET you can use either C# or VB.NET code to write the server side code. Server-side processing is utilized to cooperate with perpetual storage like databases or documents. Cases of server-side preparing are user validation, retrieving data and saving information, and exploring to different pages. Most of the websites today use some form of dynamic content, and most of that content is managed with server-side scripting. Some of the exciting features of ASP.NET Server side scripting are:

  • Receives input from item parameters and HTML form data
  • Access e-mail servers, server-side databases, files, mainframes, etc.
  • Dynamically builds a custom HTML response for a client

The following are usage of the Server Side scripting in the ASP.NET:

  • Processes the user input
  • Operations over databases like delete, update
  • Displays the requested pages
  • Structure web applications
  • Interaction with servers/storages
  • Querying the database
  • Encoding of data into HTML
  • Interaction with databases